Proven Senior Executives with Extensive Aerospace Experience
John L. Horan, Jr.
President & Principal Consultant
• 37 years experience in delivery of aerospace and
defense products and services
• Proven senior executive with strong business and
technical capabilities
• Managed $178M & 1,100 employee diversified
services organizations
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Technical Applications Unlimted

Benjamin C. Glenn
Vice President - Safety, Reliability, and Quality Assurance
• 43 years experience in aerospace safety, quality,
reliability, maintainability, and mission assurance
• Senior management responsibility for flight propulsion
• ISO 9000, NHB 5300.4 (ID-2), AS 9100, ISO 14000, VPP programs
advocate, designer, and auditor
• Two NASA Public Service Medals
• NASA Public Service Medal and Silver Snoopy
W. Irby Moore
Vice President - Science & Engineering Laboratories
• 50+ years experience in design, development, implementation,
and sustainment of complex aerospace ground support systems
• Senior management responsibility for NASA Kennedy
Space Center's Material Science Laboratory
• Management and technical leadership responsibility for accident
investigations and failure analysis
• Published in peer-reviewed cryogenic research journals
• NASA Exceptional Service Medal
• NASA Equal Opportunity Leadership Award
Terry D. Greenfield
Vice President - Launch Systems Design & Development
• 55+ years experience in ground systems operations and design for space
• Chief Engineer for Constellation Program ground systems design and
• Senior management responsibility in several aerospace companies and
and NASA Directorates
vehicle and payload processing, launch,and retrieval, including experience
in every U.S. space program since the launch of Explorer I
• Primary author: Kennedy Space Center Design Engineering Handbook,
KSC-NE-9439, 2009
• NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal
Roger D. Hall, PMP
Vice President - System Engineering & Development
• 43 years experience in aerospace flight and ground systems requirements
• Chief Engineer for NASA Kennedy Space Center International Space Station,
Payload Processing, and Constellation Program mechanical and fluid systems
• Chief Architect for Constellation Program ground and facility systems
definition, design, development, verification & validation, testing, and
• NASA/KSC author: NASA Systems Engineering Process and Requirements,
NPR 7123.1
• NASA Exceptional Service Medal
• NASA mishap investigation certified
Clyde F. Parrish, Ph.D.
Vice President - Chemical Research & Development
• 49 years experience in instrumental and chemical analysis, organic synthesis,
• NASA Principal Investigator with responsibility for the management and conduct
world-class chemical research and development
• Published more than 100 articles - many in peer-reviewed journals
environmental chemistry, radiation and nuclear chemistry, radioisotope
analysis, chemical kinetics, and chemical process development
provisional patents
• Holder of 26 U.S. patents and 4 pending, 4 international patents, and 8
• Holder of 2002 NASA Commercial Invention of the Year Award
Herbert E. Peete
Vice President - Institutional Facilities and Systems
• 39 years experience in design, development, implementation, activation,
• NASA KSC program manager and agency representative for facilities projects,
including design, construction, and activation
• Expert in storable propellant handling, including hypergolic and cryogenic propellants
operation, and maintenance of complex aerospace ground support facilities,
systems, and equipment
testing, operation, and maintenance
• Expert in toxic vapor detection and disposal equipment design, development,
• NASA Exceptional Service Medal and Space Shuttle Launch Honoree
• 30-plus years of aerospace operations, engineering,
design, development, and implementation experience
• Managed 1,000+ person organizations involved in
spaceport engineering and technology projects
• U.S. Army Airborne Ranger Infantry Officer with
Howell O. Hilton
command and combat experience
• Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, Air Medal (with V Device
and 6 Oak Leaf Clusters), NASA Exceptional Service Medal
• NASA Certified Level III Project Manager
Vice President - Program and Project Management